How Can YouTuber Make Money? Here's the answer!

How Can YouTuber Make Money? Here's the answer!

Who does not watch YouTube videos daily? Videos from all over the world can certainly entertain you. Starting from sports videos, unboxing , tutorials or just looking for exciting entertainment.

But many you wonder, how do the content creator generate income coffers? Reported from various sources, here's 5 ways YouTuber get the most common money.

Here's 5 Ways YouTuber Make Money

1. Monetization and Google Adsense Video YouTube

Monetization and Google Adsense Video YouTube



Monetizing is the most common way the YouTubers earn money. YouTube itself is currently owned by Google so you can easily register advertising on your videos via Google Adsense service.

Generally, you will earn 55% of advertisers. The remaining 45% will be the Google guild mic rights. There are many calculations that you must learn, ranging from Cost per Mille (CPM) or Cost per Click (CPC) .

2. Sponsporship with Various Brands

Sponsporship with Various Brands



If you already have a successful YouTube channel and hook a lot of viewers , then be prepared to be called by the brand . Because you could have offered to do sponsorship cooperation is certainly very profitable.

How YouTuber get this money should certainly benefit both parties. You can name brands that advertise on your video. Usually placed at the beginning. Instead, you will get some rewards .

3. Create and Sell Unique Merchandise

Create and Sell Unique Merchandise



Have you ever really felt the same fans as YouTuber that you watch every day? Well to take advantage of this opportunity, some YouTuber create and sell a unique merchandise which of course limited edition .

You can sell various things like t-shirts, jackets, key chains, mugs and so forth to earn income. To facilitate the sale, you can use various e-commerce services in Indonesia.

4. Join Multi-Channel Network (MCN)

Join Multi-Channel Network (MCN)



The increasingly popular YouTube platform makes many people crave YouTuber into a new profession. For you who just pioneered, maybe there is no harm to join the Multi-Channel Network (MCN) .

With this you will be able to exchange opinions with various other connected YouTuber, ranging from promotion, content ideas even to be able to collaborate with each other loh. Not bad can add your channel viewers .

5. Make Products Outside YouTube, Books or Video Games!

Make Products Outside YouTube, Books or Video Games!



Well if you are successful YouTube menggaet viewers , you can also loh do anything else that may become your hobby. Make a short story book or even make your own video games like PewDiePie does .

PewDiePie itself works with developers Outerminds Inc., creating a game called PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist . Interestingly this game can generate more than US $ 100 thousand, but the first release of the first day in the United States. Wow right!

The final word

Well that's 5 ways YouTuber earn money from their YouTube channel. By doing creative things, now you can be famous and make money from various platforms available. you can get more information here: vidyow

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